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Auxiliary facilities

Electrical and Mechanical Services :Equipped with a dedicated platform for maintenance of vehicles and electrical oxygen gas welding and other facilities;

Power Distribution System :There are four transformers in the power distribution system, two 1250KV and two 2500KV, and the total voltage of the plants is 5000V. The total capacity will reach 7500KV in the later period, which is enough to ensure the production of plants;

Public Cooling system :a professional cooling tower cooling system, and special cooling pool to ensure the cooling of plant;

Freezing system :equipped with four sets of 750,000 calories refrigerators, one 9600 kcal freezer (water temperature -15 ℃), two sets of 600,000 kcal freezers (water temperature - 38 ℃);

Nitrogen System :Produces 50 cubic meters of nitrogen per hour for production.

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