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Located in the Coastal Industrial Park of Binhai County of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Hankuo Biology Co., Ltd. is a newly established pharmaceutical and chemical enterprise with a registered capital of CNY18.8 million. Founded in October 2006, we now are a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province and a high-tech enterprise in Yancheng City with about 80,000m2 of lands and 50,000m2 of buildings. In 2012, our company was funded by Yancheng Talent Introduction Project.

With a total investment of CNY 170 million, we now have more than 300 employees, three of them are Ph.D., more than 70 people have college education and more than 30 are technology developers. Under the support of our Yancheng Penem class antibiotics and intermediates Engineering Research Center, our company has a solid technical foundation for the engineering research and development of new technology, new method and new product of Penem antibiotics and intermediates. There are 8 production plants, and 5 plants have been completed and put into production. Equipped with all kinds of production facilities, we are able to produce various kinds of pharmaceutical and chemical products as well as pharmaceutical intermediates. At the same time, there are various supporting facilities for production; our storage facility is consisted of Raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, hardware warehouse and dangerous goods warehouse. The production facility include freezer, power generator, Electromechanical plant, high and low voltage transformer substation facilities; at the same time, we also build whole plant wastewater treatment facilities, Exhaust gas treatment facilities and complete fire system, as well as office place, staff canteens, dormitories and other living facilities.

As a strategic resource, human resources are more and more valued by domestic and foreign enterprises, and as an important indicator to measure the sustainable development of enterprises. Emerging high-tech industries such as pharmaceutical information and biomedicine have become more prominent as the need of human resources, and the demand for qualified personnel will be even more urgent. Our company introduces more than 30 technicians and college graduates into all important positions every year. We emphasis on employee’s needs, and strive to make every employee have a sense of accomplishment, and help them plan the future direction of development. Our company will continue to train staffs by cultural influence, such as training for key personnel, as well as meeting and other activities between company executives and new college students; we aim to create a good positive atmosphere, and strive to provide them with excellent growth environment and promotion channel. At the same time, our company constantly improves the construction of all kinds of systems, constantly improves the incentive system and creates a harmonious cultural atmosphere, and ultimately provides workers with broad space for development so that each employee can make the best use of his efforts to achieve his goals and life values.

As our company's new production lines are gradually completed and new products are put into production, we are striving to be one of top-10 enterprises of park within 2 years.

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